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Lena D. Meyer, Transformational Life Coach, Founder of Gratitude6

Lena D. Meyer
Transformational Life Coach
Founder of Gratitude6 & The Soulful Entrepreneurs Network


People often ask me what prompted my career shift from finance to the coaching and transformational work that I do today.  In this moment, I can say with clarity that what I do now is my gift, my passion, and my purpose, and that is the reason…but I did not always know that as a fact. 

If you’re curious, there’s a story I’d like to share with you today.

The shift began as I embarked on my own personal journey to get unstuck at a time of my life when I had no idea what to do next. 

I was a few years into my career as a financial advisor, and was starting to get to where I always thought I wanted to be.  I got a 4.0 throughout school, went to a good college, studied economics and English, received awards, volunteered in organizations, and had done all the things I thought I was “supposed to” do, but it didn’t matter.  What I thought “happy” was going to feel like once I reached my destination wasn’t feeling so happy after all, and all of my plans and calculations on how to create my best life seemed to be falling apart.

“There’s got to be more than this…” I would say to myself repeatedly.  “I have so much more within me…so much potential…if I only knew what to do, I would do it!”  I was frustrated, sad, and disillusioned, because I could feel the possibilities within me, but could not connect the dots.

Around that time, I met a woman who taught a class called “Neuro-Linguistic Programming” (also known as NLP) and I thought…“ummm…that sounds really weird!”…but, I was intrigued…so I went to an introductory weekend workshop.  It was there that I learned all about communication, personal development, and the tools to shift and change my perceptions of myself and the world.  It was the first time I experienced the ability to intentionally change my beliefs, and to unhook from the pile of “rules,” stories, and fears I’d been carrying around. 

I began stepping into greater freedom and creating what I truly wanted from the core of who I was.  It was liberating, and I was in! 

In fact, I loved it so much that I enrolled in the intensive 7 month practitioner certification training program, and it changed my life.  I learned to be a practitioner by doing my own work, as well as holding sessions with others, and felt freer and more empowered in myself than ever before.  It was making such a big difference, that I decided to do another 7 month training, and another, and another, and still I wanted more, so I started taking other classes in personal transformation, visualization, meditation, intuitive development, energy awareness, spiritual growth, coaching, advanced coaching, and even worked with personal 1-on-1 coaches and consultants as well. 

The result?  I accumulated over 1000 hours of on-site certification training over the course of 10 years, and received more than 300 hours of personalized 1-on-1 coaching, counseling, and mentorship.  To put this in perspective, one of the high-quality on-site Master Certified Coaching programs that is fairly well known is 125 hours total, and that is one of the more robust ones…many coaches do even fewer hours than that via online certifications and programs. 

And…I did all of this while continuing my full-time career in finance, because I absolutely loved the transformation I was experiencing. 

In my free time I was able to work with people using the tools I was learning, and for years, I was taking all of these courses after work, on weekends, and even used a significant amount of vacation time some months to make it happen. 

It was the place where I found the greatest flow in my life, and I could not get enough. 

In addition to the personal freedom and joy I was expanding into, from a career perspective I thought I would use the tools I was learning to become a better financial advisor, team member, and mentor, and I did.  For a while.  But things still didn’t feel right, and when I finally admitted to myself that what I really wanted was to turn my gifts and passion, what I’d been doing part-time for years, into my full life’s work, everything changed. 

I finally made the leap and launched Gratitude6 full time, using it as an umbrella to house all of the tools, services, and inspiration I had collected and created over the years, so that I could start sharing them with others in a powerful way. 

My dream finally started becoming a reality. 

The results have included my current private 1-on-1 coaching practice, the Soulful Entrepreneurs Network™ mastermind groups, workshops for groups of 8-20, a featured segment on King 5’s New Day Northwest, and larger-scale public speaking events of 20-100.  My vision is to make the tools and resources of Gratitude6 accessible to people on a global scale, with person-to-person support, coaching, and mentorship…and a few other things that I’ll tell you about, at a later date :)

For now, I can say that I am happier and more fulfilled than I perhaps ever thought I could be.  I am also deeply familiar with the fear of the unknown, the pain of stepping into new identity, and of letting go of old habits, beliefs, people, and structures that no longer support my wellbeing. 

I continue to expand, and have learned that change is not a one-time thing.  It continues to unfold, and while life continues to bring its challenges, within that journey I truly believe that personal freedom, inspiration and transformation are available to us all. 

How do I know?

In addition to my own story, I have seen the power of positive change when one person unlocks the freedom within themselves, and have witnessed it over and over again. 

It is my mission and gift to help people tap into the soul of who they are and uncover whatever is true for them, in living their most meaningful, joyful, and love-filled lives in the ways that serve them most.    

Whether you expand into personal joy and freedom, put your life purpose into action, or receive clarity and inspiration to generate new possibilities for yourself and others, each experience, each opening, and each action creates a positive ripple effect that touches the lives of those around you, your friends, family, community, and world. 

One person does make a difference, and it starts with you.

And with me. 

And I believe that together, we have the power to change the world in a profound and positive way, with love, joy, and gratitude each step of the way.

I am here, and welcome to Gratitude6.

With love and gratitude,

Transformational Life Coach Seattle & Worldwide


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