Life Coaching Seattle

Lena is like a diver who is not afraid to go to into deep waters.  When I first met with her, I was afraid to hire a new employee even though I knew it was necessary to support the growth I wanted to achieve in my business.  After some past experiences, I was simply was not ready to take the leap. 

Through the process she helped me find out even more deeply who I was within, and we created my goals from there.  I’m very much someone who doesn’t trust quickly, and Lena helped me break through the barrier of fear to trust the process, and showed me what was possible. 

I now have three new employees and have been able to expand my international reach to empower women around the globe through the speaking events and community outreach that I lead and value so much.

Everyone deserves to soar, and I am incredibly grateful for what we were able to create. 

Abby Wangombe
Owner of Family Best Care and Care Info Club
International Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur


As I get closer to retirement I have been considering new paths as I move forward in this transition and new chapter of my life.  I came to Lena with the level of "generally happy with my life," but wanting to look deeper into how I could handle some situations that sometimes left me with lack of control.  I didn't know exactly what I was looking for at first, but through my sessions with Lena, she guided and assisted me through a personal growth adventure that left me with numerous options, possibilities, and rewarding results that touch all aspects of my life.  

Lena created a space of complete trust that allowed me to safely look inwards and, without judgement, make adjustments that freed me from emotional ties that previously were holding me at bay, giving me the tools to release those emotions. 

This has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had.  I highly recommend having Lena help guide you in discovering the multitude of possibilities in your life that you have not yet tapped into but will most definitely gain benefit from both personally and in your work life.

Susan M.T.


I've started multiple businesses, taken a company public, and generated billions of dollars in revenue over the course of my 50+ year career.  When I came to Lena, I had been wanting to expand my current business for some time, though the pieces weren’t yet clear.  I'm confident in saying, I know what I'm doing in business, and I also know how important it is to have a clear vision that is built on passion and purpose in order for that business to succeed.  Something I’ve learned in my career is that great business owners get help where they need it. 

Over the past few years I’ve met a number of coaches and I could tell when I met Lena that she was the one to work with during this next phase.  She was excellent at helping me find my own vision and laser in on my core offerings as a launching point for my next venture. 

I was able to clear out a lot of the static, gain momentum, and simplify my next steps.  Without this, a successful business can’t move forward.  Lena is professional, warm, highly skilled, an excellent coach to partner with, and because of our work together my vision is now coming to life.

Barney Cohen
Business Consultant & Music Industry Pioneer
CEO of Business 360 Northwest, Founder of Valley Media, Multiple Ventures


I worked with Lena over several months to discover my true purpose and passion for my next venture, and have been able to make good decisions that really reflect my true purpose and are aligned with my heart and values.  I feel I am closer to my husband, and able to communicate well with him, and we have benefitted from this activity. 

Lena is very intuitive and open, customizes the program to your goals, and is flexible to change the program as necessary.  It was wonderful to work with her, and I highly recommend her to anyone who needs some guidance and structure while making life and career decisions.

This has been a great experience, and I want to thank Lena for all her guidance, knowledge, and expertise.  I feel that she more than fulfilled her services to me in guiding me to understanding and articulating my true purpose and giving me tools I can use to make decisions and guidance in alignment with my core values for life.

Audra E.


Lena is an absolute expert in helping her clients "live from their core."  To me this means a true integration of the mind, spirit and body.  This is not an easy task!  I am blown away at how she is able to find the perfect tool in her coaching toolbox and wield it so eloquently and masterfully for the individual.  She leads from her heart and has such a grounding presence it's impossible not to feel comfortable and motivated to make changes in your life for the better! 

She is skilled in helping those who are looking to make changes in their personal life, business life, relationships or who are wanting to reconnect with their passions, whatever they may be.  

Dr. Alicia Cole
Naturopathic Doctor, Bella Fiore Klinik


Working with Lena was truly a transformational life coaching experience.  She helped me very kindly dig deep to define my true "WHY."  In business it's so easy to cloud our vision with catchy buzzwords and quickly lose touch with why we are really in our business.   Lena's process helped me to strip away all the fluff and get to the heart of what it is I do and my bigger "why".

The process was extremely liberating and continues to resonate with my heart every day in my business.  I can't speak more highly of what Lena was able to do for me.  If you feel like you are on shaky ground, Lena is the best choice for you lay a strong foundation and let your dreams launch.  Thank you Lena!

Christopher Lollini
Founder & CEO of Reputation Igniter


Lena Meyer may be the most intuitive, observant, and insightful person I have ever met.  After every meeting I have ever had with her I realize the following... I have just discovered a truth about myself or my business that I hadn't brought to consciousness before, and I have just created a plan of action to move myself towards that truth.  

Did Lena tell me that truth?  No.  Did Lena give me that plan?  No.  She has an incredible ability to facilitate my own process allowing me to feel the incredible confidence that comes from doing your own reflection and problem solving.  This is a skill that I daily strive to emulate in my work with my own clients.  Thank you Lena!

Greg Smith
Owner of Northwest Educational Services
Educational Coach, Public Speaker


Lena is a highly experienced, ethical, and organized coach who effectively models and supports you to tap into and follow your own wisdom.  She is very good at remaining neutral while also conveying deep caring and an appropriate wit.

For those who are exploring being coached by a pro, I highly recommend seeing if Lena is a fit for you.

Karina Miller
Managing Director, Swift HR Solutions
Co-Creator of the Creativity Symposium for Women Leaders


I have been a transformational practitioner for over 20 years and have worked with an incredible number of gifted professionals to support my own journey along the way.  Of all of them, Lena is my go-to person and is one of a kind.   

Since 2012, I have had the blessing of receiving sessions from Lena, and am so much more of who I choose to be, based in and of love, from our sessions together.  The perfect question can free one from unknown self-limitations, and as part of Lena’s toolbox – her questions and tools are perfect. 

As a result, I have released countless limitations while expanding my career, finding the love of my life, creating stronger relationships with myself and others, and stepping into greater wellness than ever before. 

Lena is and operates from the base of pure love, and she guides a client into transformation with ease and grace, in their highest and best good, with transformation that is as instantaneous as the client allows.  I highly encourage those who feel she is a match to schedule an appointment.  On my Gratitude list, for that which I am grateful for in my life, Lena is at the top of my list.

Julie Jameson
Owner of All Points Healing
Meditation Instructor, Energy Medicine, N.L.P. & Reiki Practitioner


I came to Lena at the beginning of a big transition, wanting to know myself better, wanting to make a change in the way I lived and what I did for a living.  In the year that we worked together, Lena gave me many tools to facilitate self-understanding and self-discovery, how to understand and move past limiting beliefs, to set intentions and watch them manifest, and how to find gratitude in the everyday. 

Lena is a gifted listener, synthesizer of information, and a wonderful person to partner with as I was redesigning my life.  I now have a clear idea of what I want to do next professionally and a greater understanding of the gifts I bring to the world and how I want to live my life.

Nikki R.


I have learned more about myself, about who I am in the world, and my purpose going forward.  The tools we used together really helped me to uncover many central truths about my being, and helped me to discover much more about myself, in a way that would not have been possible without Lena's many gifts.

Cathryn Booth-LaForce, PhD
Spiritual Guide


I've attended Lena's groups and talks and was so moved by her ability to present very high quality and meaningful material, as well as the powerful and grounded energy she embodies.  She walks her talk and she is genuinely invested in helping you take the next steps in your business and life. 

She is a soulful coach too - she'll support you right where you are and help you discover what it is you need to take those next steps. 

McKenzie Zajonc
Health Psychologist & Nutritionist
Owner of the Inner Nutritionist


Being a small business owner/entrepreneur it's easy to reach a point where you feel burned out.  I was spending a lot less time with friends and family and things that I wanted (outside of business) and was neglecting that part of my life.

After working with Lena I tapped back into that feeling of being inspired, independent, motivated and passionate about what I do (SEO / Search Engine Optimization), all things entrepreneurs and small business owners at one point feel about their business.  We dialed into parts of my story that led me to the decision to break free and go out on my own which helped me recognize yet another reason I decided to work for myself and that is the ability to set my own schedule.  

Remembering why I was doing those things in the first place reignited my energy and has helped me immensely in staying focused on my goals.  This has in turn improved results and made me so much more efficient with how I spend my time.  Instead of feeling tired and taking more breaks, I'm making sure to be proactive and focused on how I spend my downtime and to take that time before I reach the point of being burned out.  

Now I'm working hard, and still doing more of the things that really matter to me.  I feel lucky to be where I am, and hopeful of the future.  Anyone that has doubts about why they do what they do should reach out to Lena and give themselves another chance to be inspired about their decisions and story.  You owe it to yourself to reach for your dreams instead of taking the easy way out.  Don't get stuck in a job you don't want to do, or a place you don't want to be because you were "tired".

Thanks Lena for helping bring the emotions that drive me to be successful back to the surface and into my life again!

Geoffrey Purkis
Owner of Seattle Web Search & Tech Design Studios
SEO, Web Design, Internet Marketing


Lena has a heart of gold and all the skills you'd want in a coach!  We used techniques that helped bring to the surface the underlying tension I was experiencing with regard to a major life decision.  The visualizations we explored were delivered thoroughly and I felt safe and guided, while at the same time, in control of discovering the true internal factors at play.

In addition to a few visualization techniques, we explored a tool that gave voice to the conflicting voices in my head (regarding a particular decision).  By the end of the session, it was crystal clear what decision was best for me.  Her mindful listening and ability to hold space in a warm and welcoming way makes for a perfect foundation of trust.  Lena's voice is soothing and strong, her delivery professional and seamless.  Clients are also given a summary of the session afterward, which is very valuable in terms of accountability.

Lena truly knows her stuff and goes the extra mile every time!  Best coaching I've ever experienced!

Jo Qina’au
Socially Conscious Innovator


Lena has a real gift!  I have run across a plethora of life coaches and few are truly called to this work, but Lena is doing her life's work for sure.  

Through my own work with Lena, I have been able to answer some really big questions - like what to do for my own career and how to be the parent I want to be.  She really helped me get unstuck and identify what was keeping me stuck, even when I had no idea!  She is gentle, kind, real, compassionate and accepting.  But most of all she gets results!!!  

She is my coach for life.

Erin Longmoon
Owner of Zephyr Recruiting
Chief Idea Generator


Lena D is a gifted practitioner. She combines the empathy of a therapist with the tools of a craftsman, and the heart of a healer.  I cannot speak too highly of her professional and caring manner and the results she helps one gain as one takes control of one’s life and purpose.  Thanks Lena!

Owner of Pacifica Landscapes
Custom Residential Landscape Design and Installation


I am renewed, empowered and strong…and now know I can do whatever I set my mind to.  I am the most empowered I have been in years, and through our work together now have literally everything I wanted.  I wish all of my friends could work with you and would write you 9 reviews if I could!

Lori Young Ferro, MHA
Project Manager, Public Health


I loved this experience, I felt like I was being guided based on my own needs and desires, not on a pre-set list or rule book to follow.  Lena was great at getting out of me what I really wanted and not leading me to outcomes that were not what I wanted or needed. She was so supportive and gave me so many tools that I can use in the future to help myself out if I ever become stuck again.

I really felt like I figured out on my own what I was looking for with the support of someone, not someone telling me this is my answer.  I really feel like I own this new chapter in my life and am empowered!

Liz S.


Lena Meyer has an amazing intellect and clarity of thought and spoken word that is evident every time she presents information. Her passion for understanding the workings of the mind, heart and spirit are contagious.

Seth Ellner
Private Practice Trauma Therapy, EMDR Practitioner, LICSW


When I first contacted Lena, I knew I needed help, but I really didn't know what that meant or what it would look like as we embarked on our work together.  I remember saying, "Something big is coming, but I need to get out of my own way."  I felt stuck in business and life, but also knew there was potential on the horizon if only I could create space for it.

Each and every time I worked with Lena, it felt like a magical time-travel event.  I never knew what to expect, but always knew I would leave feeling energized, inspired, supported, with greater clarity and nothing short of transformed. 

Tears of gratitude filled my eyes when thanking her at the close of our last session. It's not an accident that I've made tremendous progress personally and professionally in the last six months.  I know I owe a huge part of that success to Lena and our work together.

Maura Shirey
Founder of Bodies for Birth
Prenatal & Postpartum Fitness Specialist, Registered Nurse


Working with Lena has been an amazing experience with results.  I never worked with a life coach prior to Lena, but upon meeting her I knew I would benefit from her positive, uplifting outlook on life.  I have received so much enlightenment and tools to use in my daily life in addition to experiencing "aha!" moments of reflection. 

Lena is truly gifted in bringing out your innermost thoughts and feelings to finding the best of what's inside you.

Amy May
Owner of MAY Designs
Interior Architectural Design, Soulful Design Process


I have now attended a few of Lena's workshops and I love that each time I walk away with something new and inspired that I have found from within myself.  She is a relaxed, yet energetic speaker who is genuine and speaks from the heart.  She instantly made me feel welcome and at ease, which I attribute to how well she is able to bring people together. 

I look forward to future Gratitude6 workshops and hiring Lena for speaking/inspirational talks for my business.

Adrienne Krieger
Owner of Everling Jewelry
Custom & Ethically Sourced Jewelry


Lena is amazing.  She is a truly gifted and intuitive facilitator of inner exploration.  As we worked together - she made it ok for all parts of me that came up during our work together (including ones I didn't like) to be seen and allowed - this felt not only safe, but it also gave voice to many things inside I didn't even realize were there.  I came to her in a state chronic confusion, so for me - seeing directly that there was more information inside than I ever realized, was both surprising and very powerful.  

One thing I deeply appreciated about Lena, is that there was this unspoken assumption in the room that ultimately nothing was wrong with me (even though I felt there was...) and that all the answers I was seeking lied within (even if I could not know or see them yet...) - it was extremely empowering to sit with someone who holds steady the belief that I am whole and ultimately do know, and can accompany and guide me so skillfully and safely through the process of finding it all out.  I am extremely grateful to Lena for sharing her gift.

Si E.


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