Workshop Policy & Agreement


By enrolling in this workshop, you agree to and understand the following:

This agreement is with Gratitude6, LLC.  The facilitating coach of the workshop is Lena D. Meyer.

Refund Policy
Once your enrollment is processed our journey together begins!  Lena will begin holding space for the group that comes together, and a spot is held especially for you.  Your investment is non-refundable and non-transferable, with the following two exceptions:

  1. If for any reason Gratitude6, LLC cancels the workshop before it begins, you will be given a full refund.

  2. We are here to learn and grow together.  In the interest of creating a supportive environment, Gratitude6, LLC reserves the right to terminate your enrollment and participation at any point, for any reason as permissible by law. If you are released from the workshop you will be refunded.

All participants are asked to maintain confidentiality within the group.  When personal and business matters are discussed within the group you are asked to maintain confidentiality unless by explicit permission of the participants whose information is in question.  Each participant is responsible for their own integrity and intention to maintain confidentiality.  Gratitude6, LLC in no way takes responsibility for the participants of the workshop maintaining confidentiality.  By enrolling in this workshop, you agree to hold harmless Gratitude6, LLC and the facilitating coach for any breach of confidentiality by the participants of the workshop. 

Participants Must be 18 Years Old+

By enrolling in this workshop, you acknowledge that you are 18 years of age or older.

Results Vary & You Are At Choice
Each person is different, and specific results are not guaranteed.  While a structure, tools, meditations, and exercises will be provided for you to use and experience, you are always at choice and it is up to you to use them, or opt out, in the way that aligns with you.  Each participant is solely responsible for any action that they take or refrain from taking in connection with or as a result of this workshop.  By enrolling in this workshop, you agree to hold harmless Gratitude6, LLC and the facilitating coach for any action that you take or refrain from taking in connection with or as a result of this workshop.

The structure of this workshop and the materials, tools, and processes presented are not counseling, therapy, legal advice, financial advice, nor medical advice.  Your participation in this workshop and the application of the materials, tools, and processes presented do not take the place of psychological care, legal counsel, financial advice, nor medical care. This is not a teacher training nor a certification training.

Proprietary Information
The materials, tools and processes provided in this workshop are hosted by, developed by, presented by, and are property of Gratitude6, LLC.   These materials, tools and processes are being shared for your personal use and may not be redistributed.  

Recordings & Notes
Participants may not use laptops in class, nor tablets with keyboards for notes.  Typing can be distracting for others; please bring silent note-taking materials.  Recordings by participants are not permitted during the workshop.  Segments of this workshop may be photographed and video or audio recorded by Gratitude6, LLC for future educational and marketing purposes.  By participating in this workshop you acknowledge and agree to these terms.  If you do not wish for photos or recordings of you to be included - no problem at all. If this is the case, simply notify Lena in writing via email prior to the workshop start.  

Your Most Amazing Life
This workshop is designed to support your highest truth as you continue to move through your life and world.  If at any point you have questions, please ask!


This agreement is with Gratitude 6, LLC.  The facilitating coach  is Lena D. Meyer.

Copyright © 2019 Gratitude6, LLC, all rights reserved.


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