Soulful Entrepreneurs Network™ Community Events Seattle, WA Gratitude6, LLC

Bridging the gap between business, self, and spirit

Soulful Entrepreneurs Network™ Community Events Seattle, WA Gratitude6, LLC

Next Up: November 5, 2019

We are a community of existing and aspiring business owners, leaders, creatives and visionaries, who care about making a positive difference in the world. We believe in something greater than ourselves, be it universe, god, energy, or spirit, and feel our purpose and calling within.

There are plenty of organizations that are just about business, and numerous places for spiritual support, but a place to experience both at the same time is rare. I believe our greatest gifts and power shine when we show up as our most authentic selves no matter where we are, and this group is an answer to that call.

Join us for this unique monthly gathering to refuel, make connections with like-minded souls, and expand into greater possibilities as you propel your purpose forward and rise.

Soulful Spiritual Business Group Seattle

“A new kind of networking for a new kind of world.”

Positive Impact Seattle

The Vibe?

Fun + meaningful + actionable all wrapped into one.

Open connection time, guided meditation, tools and conversations in breakout groups of 2-3, intentional community.

Uncover personal visions and goals, clear through inner roadblocks, and create action items to support you as a whole.

Connect from the heart, refuel, and rise.

What This is Not

I will not be leading a political discussion. This is not a therapy group, a religious organization, nor a space to vent and complain. (While those experiences may have great value, this is simply a different space!)

Our Agenda

1st Tuesdays Monthly, 5:15pm-6:45pm

  •  5:15pm-5:45pm * Doors open - community connection time

  •  5:45pm-6:30pm * Guided interactive group experience

  •  6:30pm-6:45pm * Community connection time

  •  6:45pm * Doors close

 (Tea & water will be provided)


ATLAS Workbase: In the Lower Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle. 500 Mercer Street. Main Entrance at 5th and Mercer, above QFC, Second Floor.

Parking & Arrival: The ATLAS concierge will greet you when you arrive with a quick check-in at the front desk. See full map of parking options here.

BONUS…Free Co-Working Pass at ATLAS: As a special bonus for Soulful Entrepreneurs Network guests, arrive as early as you like the day of the event and use the ATLAS co-working space at your leisure with a free day pass! Beat traffic, get work done before the meeting, grab a coffee at the onsite cafe, or meet with a friend to deepen your connections in the community and see where the inspiration takes you.

Thank you to ATLAS Workbase for co-sponsoring the event space for our gatherings.

Pre-registration required

Tickets are $15.

14 spaces available.

Pre-registration required by 12pm the day of the event.

By attending this event you agree to the Policy & Agreement as stated here.

“The energy we send out comes back to us exponentially, and collective positivity amplifies.”

Refuel, refocus, and get ready for a whole lot of fun!


Uplift each other, uplift the world.


Your host:

Lena D. Meyer is ranked as one of the top coaches in the Pacific Northwest, and since 2008 has supported hundreds of people in living their most joyful, meaningful, and empowered lives.

With a 10 year career in finance, and 10+ years of work in transformational studies, Lena brings a unique blend of two worlds and a methodology called Structure into Soul™ to her process, allowing her clients to get to the root of their goals and dreams, transform roadblocks that keep them stuck, and put strategic action steps into place that can be easily integrated in the real world.

She has been featured on King 5’s New Day Northwest and Komo’s Seattle Refined, and in addition to her 1-on-1 client practice, is passionate about connecting with groups to support them as they continue to rise.

Have questions? Send a note with your inquiries, and thank you so much for being here!