Policy & Agreement

Soulful Entrepreneurs Network™ Online Community

The Soulful Entrepreneurs Network(TM) Online Community is a group offered through Gratitude6, LLC. Lena D. Meyer is the facilitating coach. By joining this online group, you agree to the following:

Positive Atmosphere

We are here to connect in an atmosphere of positivity together. In the interest of creating a supportive environment, Gratitude6, LLC reserves the right to terminate your membership at any point, for any reason as permissible by law.

Group Members Not Endorsed by Gratitdue6 & Hold Harmless Agreement

By being a part of this group, you agree to hold harmless Gratitude6, LLC and the facilitating coach for any personal or business connections, actions, inactions, decisions, and outcomes that arise by being a part of this group.

Each group member is responsible for their own integrity.  Gratitude6, LLC in no way takes responsibility for the integrity of the members of this group.  Gratitude6, LLC in no way endorses the members or sponsors of this group; the opinions, services, and products offered by the members and sponsors belong to those individuals and entities and do not necessarily reflect the opinions nor values of Gratitude6, LLC.  


This is an online group offered using the Facebook platform. You are asked to keep what is shared within this group confidential, though no guarantee of confidentiality is made. Please keep in mind that the group will continue to grow in size, and membership requirements may change. Share only what you are comfortable with.

Membership & Group Structure

Membership is currently offered at $0 and an outline of how the group works is provided. This, along with the content and format of the group may change in the future.

Must be 18 Years Old+

By enrolling in this group, you acknowledge that you are 18 years of age or older.

You Are At Choice & Scope of Content Provided

The structure of this group and the materials, tools, and processes presented are not counseling, therapy, legal advice, financial advice, nor medical advice.  Your participation in this group and the application of the materials, tools, and processes presented do not take the place of psychological care, legal counsel, financial advice, nor medical care.

Materials and concepts will be provided for you to use and are for informational or entertainment purposes only. You are always at choice and it is up to you to choose what to use, or not use, in the way that aligns with you.  Each member is solely responsible for any action that they take or refrain from taking in connection with or as a result of this group. 

Materials & Processes

You may be given special access to in-house materials, tools and processes of Gratitude6, LLC. These materials may not be redistributed without permission.

Exceptions: YES PLEASE DO SHARE articles and tools that have already been made publicly available by Lena or Gratitude6 such as blogs, articles, and tools on the following platforms: www.gratitude6.com, Instagram, public Facebook posts.

When in doubt, ask.


By being a part of this group you agree to these terms. This agreement is with Gratitude6, LLC. Terms are subject to change.

Copyright © 2019 Gratitude6, LLC, all rights reserved. All materials are property of Gratitude6, LLC.



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