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Intuition Workshop Seattle October 2019

Hear Your Truth And Live It

Intuition is your superpower, your compass for living a life aligned with your greatest gifts, passion, purpose, and flow.

The thing is…most of us aren’t shown HOW to tap into our intuition easily and effectively. We’ve been taught the opposite…to over-think, over-research, compare to others, and look outside of ourselves for the right answers.

But when it comes to living a life of true alignment and fulfillment, that method is limited. There’s a greater resource within, one that connects you to your highest self and source, your brightest path, and intuition is the voice that delivers its truth.

Join us for this 8th round of small-group intuition training, now available in a half-day format. If you’re ready to plug into the flow of your life with powerful tools to support the way, I look forward to seeing you there!

With love and gratitude,


What You’ll Experience

Intuition 101: Unlocking Your Hidden Superpower™ Gratitude6

Strengthen intuition. Practice tools to tap into your intuition more deeply and consistently, on purpose.

Intuition 101: Unlocking Your Hidden Superpower™ Gratitude6

Receive clarity. Learn how to ask focused questions and receive answers to your most important life questions.

Intuition 101: Unlocking Your Hidden Superpower™ Gratitude6

Make aligned choices. Use your inner truth as a guide to make aligned decisions that support you as a whole in your personal life and in business.

Intuition 101: Unlocking Your Hidden Superpower™ Gratitude6

Increase energy and get unstuck. Release decision-making fatigue. Shift out of “either or” thinking into the mindset of infinite possibilities.

Intuition 101: Unlocking Your Hidden Superpower™ Gratitude6

Create personal practices. Learn simple routines to recharge your energy and connect to your intuition on a daily basis.

Awaken to your truth and deeper level of self. You may describe this as higher self, soul, source, spirit, god, universe, consciousness, energy, or anything between and beyond. Explore in a way that’s both mystical and practical in nature, including how to communicate with the subconscious mind, intuition as a key to wisdom beyond the self, and the power of synchronicity and intention.

Intuition 101 Seattle Workshop

How We’ll Do It

Community & Personal Exploration

Intuition 101: Unlocking Your Hidden Superpower™ Gratitude6

Practice in breakout groups of 2-3 and come together for discussion. Our small group setting allows us to integrate your personal intentions, answer your questions, and go deep into the experience while having fun along the way.

Intuition 101: Unlocking Your Hidden Superpower™ Gratitude6

Private exploration via guided meditation and journaling, allowing time for you to focus on the areas you want to explore most.


Intuition 101: Unlocking Your Hidden Superpower™ Gratitude6

Explore the differences between the information you get from your mind, heart, and gut, while paying attention to the five senses as clues to a realm of information that exists beyond what we normally see, feel, hear, taste, and touch.

Intuition 101: Unlocking Your Hidden Superpower™ Gratitude6

Main modalities include: intuitive development, energy awareness practices, meditation, visualization, automatic writing, journaling techniques, personal practices and habits, neuro-linguistic programming.


Intuition 101: Unlocking Your Hidden Superpower™ Gratitude6

Lena is ranked as one of the top coaches in the Pacific Northwest, and since 2008 has supported hundreds of people in living their most joyful, meaningful, and empowered lives. Including media and public speaking events, her tools and messages have reached thousands.

This gathering is the 8th round of small-group intuition training being offered. It has evolved over the years, and positive results consistently roll in. Hear from people who’ve attended Lena’s in-person intuition workshops in Seattle below.


“This workshop provided something like an awakening for me where the tools we learned set off a domino effect leading me to the answers I was needing.” 

Marika Moffitt
Custom Story Crafter, Animal Portraiture & Photography
Owner of Dirtie Dog Photography


“This event was absolutely fabulous!  …The format and exercises were wonderful, and I now have a set of tools to help discern information and tap into my intuition moving forward.”

Celeste Combs
Sr. Experience Design Leader, Product Management & Strategy
Owner of The Experience Group, LLC


“I had the opportunity to attend one of Lena's workshops…and from beginning to end, it was full of insight, knowledge and understanding.  Words really cannot explain the magic that was happening.  I highly recommend connecting with Lena!”

Lewis Johnson
Founder & Owner of Coast to Coast Painting
Residential and Commercial Interior and Exterior Painting


Registration Details

  • Date: Saturday October 19, 2019   1:00pm-5:00pm

  • Location: Private event space in Seattle, WA in the Fremont/Ballard/Greenlake area. Exact location and arrival info will be shared with participants once enrolled. Note: The workshop space is up one flight of stairs and the building does not have elevator access.

  • Registration: Early bird open through 9/27. Regular registration ends 2 days prior to the event on 10/17. View full policy and agreement here. 

  • Group Size: Up to 12 guests.

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