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Are you in transition, exploring new ways to live your most fulfilling life, or putting your gifts and purpose into action in the world?   

If yes, the Gratitude6 signature coaching process is uniquely designed to support the way.  You will learn a structure of personal transformation to tap into the heart and soul of what matters to you most while creating changes in your life that support you as a whole.


Who Are the Clients of Gratitude6? 

People who are interested in one or more of the following…

Creating a Positive Impact

Positive Impact Transformational Life Coaching Seattle

People who want to make a positive impact in their own lives, communities, or world at large. Existing or aspiring entrepreneurs, leaders, creatives, innovators, and soulful seekers.


Going through Transition

Transition Transformational Life Coaching Seattle

People who are stuck, in transition, or starting a new chapter in their lives.  Common areas include creating greater life fulfillment, reconnecting with self, changes in relationships, career, running a business, deepening spiritual connection, creating life visions and goals, and setting a new trajectory after a significant life event.


Going on a Personal Growth Adventure

Personal Growth Adventure Transformational Life Coach Seattle

People who are happy with life in general and want to learn more tools to help them live life to the fullest. Perhaps they describe themselves as lifelong learners, spiritual seekers, or recently read a book or took a workshop in some area of personal growth or development, and want more. 


How We Do It

Custom Programs Tailored to You

Each coaching program is customized to your personal goals and areas of interest to create an experience that is unique, fun and meaningful for you. We take the signature structure shown below, and together fill in the content based on your specific focus and length of time committed.

Expertise and a Proven System

Lena is ranked as one of the top coaches in the Pacific Northwest, and since 2008 has supported hundreds of people in living their most joyful, meaningful, and empowered lives. With a 10 year career in finance, and 10+ years of work in transformational studies, Lena brings a unique blend of two worlds and a methodology called Structure into Soul™ to the work she does. She helps her clients to get to the root of their goals and dreams, transform roadblocks that keep them stuck, and experience growth from the core while putting strategic action steps into place that can be easily integrated in the real world.


Program Structure

The main areas within your program may include the following.
Depending on your preferences, we omit certain areas and laser in on others to create an experience unique to you.

Intuition & Core Self

Intuition Transformational Life Coach Seattle

Learn tools to tap into to your own voice of wisdom and truth, your greatest source of knowing within.  You will use this to answer your most important questions throughout the program as you choose your next steps and create transformation aligned with you.

  • Create greater clarity in what you truly want while deepening your connection to self, intuition, or spiritual connection.

  • Release fog, overwhelm, overthinking and decision-making fatigue.

  • Practice guided meditations, personal energy awareness techniques, gratitude and mindfulness practices, intuitive development tools, and other supportive practices to create a strong foundation of self-awareness and personal power.

Vision, Goals & Habits

Transition Transformational Life Coach Seattle

Create an authentic vision for your life that lights you up from the core, with strategic goals and habits to help you get there. Transformational Life Coaching at Gratitude6 is about more than just “getting from A to B” or adding more items on the checklist of life. This is about creating true happiness and fulfillment, while enjoying the journey along the way.

  • Identify your core beliefs, gifts, purpose, life mission, and areas of greatest joy. Integrate personal values throughout your life and experience true fulfillment in whatever way that means to you.

  • Stop living life on auto-pilot, letting your dreams fade away, or missing out on what you truly want in this lifetime.

  • Create a road map and compass for your life with specific goals or broad intentions - whichever you prefer. Use this as a guidepost to make aligned decisions that fuel you while supporting your highest vision and truth.


Mindset Shifts & Rewriting Stories

Mindset Shift Transformational Life Coach Seattle

Transform limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck while stepping into your empowering truth. Pulling from a deep toolbox of methodologies including positive psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, growth mindset strategies, the science of effective goals and habits, and energy awareness and mindfulness techniques, you will create inner shifts that support you in living your most amazing life.

  • Identify blind spots, clear internal roadblocks and dissolve fear

  • Let go of other people’s rules, should’s and have to’s. Unhook negative thought patterns and self-limiting beliefs.

  • We won’t spend much time “talking about problems” or diving into the past. Instead, we actively release the blocks you are experiencing in the present while tapping into your greatest potential and the infinite possibilities of the future.


Tools & Action

Action Transformational Life Coach Seattle

As you advance through the program, you will put key items into action as you uncover new information and possibilities.  Even small steps can create big results, and the coaching relationship helps you stay clear while generating momentum, propelling you forward into what you truly want. 

  • Learn powerful new tools to be used for the rest of your life. Receive a written synopsis after each session with systems to help track progress over time.

  • Stop over-planning, letting time slip by, or waiting until “later” to enjoy the moment or live your dreams.

  • Put your vision into action, live your truth, share your gifts with others, or whatever is most important to you. Make the most of your time here on this earth, one step, or one giant leap at a time.


Integration & Lift Off

Workshop Transformational Life Coach Seattle

Your program is set up like a mini 1-on-1 workshop series, designed for you to experience transformation during each session while learning new tools along the way.  By the end of the program you will have a personalized toolbox customized to you, to support you as you continue to rise for years to come.      

  • We have lift off! As your customized program nears the end, we will discuss next steps and any ongoing support you may desire. 

  • Coaching programs are designed to allow you to move forward independently with new tools and perspectives to last a lifetime. 

  • At the same time, should you want to continue the coaching relationship there are numerous options, including regularly scheduled momentum and expansion sessions, and advanced program development.  


Getting Started

Transformational Life Coach Seattle & Worldwide

Step 1: Discovery Call

We start with a complimentary 30 minute Discovery Call to explore your areas of interest, goals, dreams, places you are feeling stuck, what you are creating, or whatever is most important to you.  You can ask any questions you might have, and we’ll go over the options for working together, based on your particular needs.  

Transformational Life Coach Seattle & Worldwide

Step 2: Initial Session

After our Discovery Call, if working together feels like a potential match for you, we’ll set up an initial session so you can experience what it’s like.  The first session is a 2 full hours: 90 minutes for your session, and 30 minutes for your personal consult where we put together a program for you.  This is a one-time investment of $375, with no obligation to continue.

Transformational Life Coach Seattle & Worldwide

Step 3: Custom Coaching Program Enrollment

During your program, we meet for a specified number of months as determined jointly at the beginning. All sessions are held in person at the Seattle office, or over the phone. Programs range from 3-9 months, with investment levels from $2,850-$10,000+. Each program follows this fundamental structure, while the content is customized to you.

At the end of your initial session we’ll touch base. Did you receive the clarity you were looking for? Did you experience a shift or transformation? If yes, and if working together still feels like a match for you, we then design a custom coaching program during your consult that meets your individual needs, and is fun and meaningful for you.


Ready to Take the Next Step?


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“This has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had.”

Susan M.T. - Personal Growth Adventurer

“I've started multiple businesses, taken a company public, and generated billions of dollars in revenue over the course of my 50+ year career. When I came to Lena, I had been wanting to expand my current business for some time, though the pieces weren’t yet clear. Because of our work together my vision is now coming to life.”

Barney Cohen - Business Consultant & Music Industry Pioneer


“I have been a transformational practitioner for over 20 years and have worked with an incredible number of gifted professionals to support my own journey along the way.  Of all of them, Lena is my go-to person and is one of a kind.”

Julie Jameson - Owner of All Points Healing    


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