Soulful Entrepreneurs Network (TM) Gratitude6 LLC

Soulful Entrepreneurs Network
Bridging the gap between business, self, and spirit.  It's about business.  And it's about time!

Who We Are

We are a growing community of driven and determined soulful entrepreneurs, game changers, and visionaries, who are bridging the gap between business, self, and spirit.  We’re serious about business, and we’re changing the game.

What We Believe & What We're Creating 

Soulful Entrepreneurs Network (TM) Gratitude6

Profitability and enlightenment are NOT mutually exclusive.  This is a space where we connect with other business owners and professionals to create meaningful relationships and collaborations that lift us to greater heights, with a foundation of shared values and intentions to support us along the way.

Soulful Entrepreneurs Network (TM) Gratitude6

We know that there’s something greater at work than what shows up on our profit and loss statements, yet we fully embrace financial success while living joyful, meaningful, and purpose-filled lives. 

Soulful Entrepreneurs Network (TM) Gratitude6

We represent a spectrum of industries, from finance and tech to design and wellness.  We are creating a deep network of professionals to transcend “left brain vs right brain” thinking, a place where structure and soul co-exist, and where true integration is our foundation for lift off.

Soulful Entrepreneurs Network (TM) Gratitude6

We believe that by showing up as our amazing and authentic selves, our most brilliant gifts shine through, giving us the power to change the world in a profound and positive way.

Soulful Entrepreneurs Network (TM) Gratitude6

We are a community where you can be in a suit, and in spirit, at the same time…where you can have an in-depth discussion about strategic planning and the latest technological developments in your industry, and a conversation about your intuitive connections and mindfulness meditation in the same breath.

Soulful Entrepreneurs Network (TM) Gratitude6

We’re bringing structure and soul together in a new way, and changing the way business is done.  Why?  Because it's long overdue.  And because we can.

A note from Lena.jpg

Hello there,

I wanted a place where I could connect with others on a deeper spiritual level, and get serious about business with a variety of industry professionals at the same time.  There are plenty of groups out there that are just about business, and numerous places to go for spiritual connection or support, but a place to do both freely is rare.  

I am a firm believer in “if it doesn’t exist, and it’s missing in my life…create it!”  The Soulful Entrepreneurs Network is the result.  If you have been looking for something like this too, I look forward to seeing you there!

With love and gratitude,


Our Core Values

Soulful Entrepreneurs Network (TM) Gratitude6

We are spiritual when we connect to something bigger than ourselves, in whatever way we experience that individually.  Universe, god, spirit, consciousness, energy, awe, and anything between or beyond. 

Soulful Entrepreneurs Network (TM) Gratitude6

We are authentic when we are truthful with ourselves and others, in thought, word, and action. 

Soulful Entrepreneurs Network (TM) Gratitude6

We create positive impact in our communities and the world by taking action with what is in our hearts and souls and contributing to the greater good.

Soulful Entrepreneurs Network (TM) Gratitude6

We are loving when we honor and accept ourselves and others simply as we are.

Soulful Entrepreneurs Network (TM) Gratitude6

We are compassionate with ourselves and others when we are emotionally connected with empathy and the understanding of our shared humanness.

Soulful Entrepreneurs Network (TM) Gratitude6

We are grateful when we bring positive awareness to the gifts, wisdom, and lessons in our lives, communities, and world.


The words that describe the values above give us a baseline upon which to operate, though we may all define these values in our own way, based on our personal beliefs or truths, and in a way that aligns with each of us as we go.


Want in?  

Check Out How to Get Involved Below!

Soulful Entrepreneurs Network (TM) Gratitude6
Soulful Entrepreneurs Network (TM) Gratitude6
Soulful Entrepreneurs Network (TM) Gratitude6

Soulful Entrepreneurs Mastermind Groups are facilitated collectives of up to 6 individuals.  We come together under a shared set of values to propel our lives and businesses to greater heights, with our core values as a baseline for liftoff, our visions to aspire to, and each group’s unique flavor added to the mix.  Groups meet monthly over a 6 month cycle, with the option to renew as each term completes. 

…but this is more than just a group…

This is a community to be inspired with, grow with, and open up with to explore the infinite possibilities of life.  It is a collective of people who fill us up, fuel creativity and help keep us accountable when the going gets tough.  It is a circle of colleagues that we can celebrate with, and be supported by with deep and authentic perspective and a commitment to mindfulness as we lift our businesses and lives to greater fulfillment, while deepening our human and spiritual connection at the same time. 

…and all of this with the absolute dedication to holding our vision of the future while enjoying the heck out of life in each moment along the way.


How it Works

Coming Together
Gatherings are in-person and typically up to 4 hours in length.  Groups are facilitated by a professional coach and meet monthly over a 6 month period, with the option to renew as each cycle completes.  Lena is currently the head coach for all groups at Gratitude6.      

Intention, Vision, and Spotlights
All meetings include an opening and closing circle, centering, guided meditation, and intention setting.  During our first meeting, we will introduce ourselves, establish the core intentions and values we want to hold within the group, and share our visions and goals for the future.  Every month each member brings something specific to the group they are working on for deeper perspective, insight, and support from the collective. The topic can be business-specific or life in general.

Tools, Action, and Accountability
Every month you will learn new coaching tools to help identify your blind spots, break through roadblocks, and support you as you transform your vision into reality.  By the end of each meeting, members commit to personal and/or business action items.  These can be brand new things or a refinement of existing projects or procedures we are already working on.  

Groups Forming Now

Soulful Entrepreneurs Mastermind Groups

(Current 2017 mastermind groups are full. )  

Thank you for your interest!  While current groups are full, additional groups may be forming later this year.  If you would like be put on a waitlist for enrollment in future groups or if you already have a circle of colleagues and would like Gratitude6 to facilitate your own Custom Power Group, please send a note to let us know.   

Or, if you’re ready to get started with soulful support right away, a one-on-one custom coaching program may be a good match for you.  You can check out more details about the Transformational Coaching process here, or contact Lena directly to set up a call.   

What’s the Investment?
Multiple options are available.  If you would like to know more, please contact us to set up an initial chat and we'll take it from there!


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