Policy & Agreement

Soulful Entrepreneurs Network™

By attending this event, you agree to the following:

We keep the event small to support customized interaction and community connection – this allows us to create deep connections while having fun along the way. 

Once you are enrolled, our journey together begins!  Lena is the facilitating coach of this event and will begin holding space for the group that comes together.  As soon as you enroll, the space reserved for you becomes intentionally yours.  As such your investment is non-refundable and non-transferable. 

Each guest is responsible for their own integrity.  Gratitude6, LLC in no way takes responsibility for the integrity of the guests of the event.  Gratitude6, LLC in no way endorses the guests of the event; the opinions, services, and products offered by the guests of the event belong to those individuals and entities and do not necessarily reflect the opinions nor values of Gratitude6.  By attending this event, you agree to hold harmless Gratitude6, LLC and the facilitating coach for any personal or business connections, actions, inactions, decisions, and outcomes that arise by attending this event.

Each person is different, and specific results are not guaranteed.  While a structure will be provided for you to use within each event, you are always at choice and it is up to you to use what is offered in the way that aligns with you.  Each participant is solely responsible for any action that they take or refrain from taking in connection with or as a result of this event. 

This structure of this event and the materials, tools, and processes presented are not counseling, therapy, legal advice, financial advice, nor medical advice.  Your participation in this event and the application of the materials, tools, and processes presented do not take the place of psychological care, legal counsel, financial advice, nor medical care.

The materials, tools and processes provided in this event are hosted by, presented by, and are property of Gratitude6, LLC.   These materials, tools and processes are being shared for your personal use and may not be redistributed.  If you are a coach, consultant, or other party who would like to license these materials please ask and arrangements may be discussed though are not guaranteed.  Soulful Entrepreneurs Network™ and Bridging the gap between business, self, and spirit. ™ are trademarks of Gratidude6, LLC.

This event may be photographed or filmed to be used for marketing and promotional purposes.  


By attending this event you agree to these terms.


This agreement is with Gratitude 6, LLC.

The facilitating coach of this event is Lena D. Meyer.


Copyright © 2018 Gratitude6, LLC, all rights reserved.

All materials are property of Gratitude6, LLC.



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